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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has a thoughtful editorial on the Governor's budget proposal in Friday's paper. We met with their editorial board the day before the Governor released her proposal. (You can watch my opening comments and count the amount of times I use a variation of "articulate"). Our primary focus was to brief them about the Progress Index, which encourages an analysis of the budget based on Washington values. This is from the PI editorial:

The solid grounding for a larger discussion about the future involves not just efficiencies but also looking at what we want for our state, whether spending supports our reasonable goals and whether we need more money to keep on track. The Washington State Budget & Policy Center has done excellent work in those areas. Its leaders call the governor's proposal "the starting point for
the conversation."

1 comment:

John said...

Was the PI the only paper that would meet with you? Doesn't speak well to your group's credibility that the only paper willing to speak highly of you on the record isn't viable anymore.

After the PI tanks, perhaps The Stranger will endorse your ideas. I hear they carry a lot of weight amongst the powers-that-be.