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Thursday, January 15, 2009

We released a detailed analysis (pdf) of the Governor's 2009-11 budget proposal today. It approaches the budget from the standpoint of how it measures up against four widely shared values: Education and Opportunity, Thriving Communities, Healthy People and Environment, and Economic Security.

The graph above is from the report and shows the percentage cuts in each of these budget areas. Health care and economic security would take significant hits, including:
  • Cutting tens of thousands of people from state-funded health insurance programs and lowering benefits for many others.
  • Eliminating cash and medical assistance to adults who cannot work due to disability.
  • Terminating benefits for some families receiving temporary assistance.

Not only does this reverse the progress we have made in these areas recently, but it couldn't come at a worse time given the economy.

But don't think education is exempt; outside of basic education, the K-12 budget would be cut by 28 percent. These are programs that are designed to update our schools for the new economy, to attract and retain the best teachers, and to close the achievement gap for lower income students and students of color.

In short, it's a budget that takes a step in the wrong direction.

For more information on the four values listed above, see the Progress Index.

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