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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today the Budget and Policy Center released a new policy brief on Washington State's General Assistance - Unemployable (GA-U) program. The paper, entitled, "General Assistance: New Strategies for a Vital Program," outlines the value of GA-U, which offers economic security and health care to over 20,000 working-age adults with disabilities in our state. The Governor has proposed eliminating the program, a proposal that would have a very detrimental effect.

In addition, the paper discusses how GA-U could better serve clients through implementing strategies that will improve outcomes and reduce costs. Included in these proposals are:
  • Provide a medical home for every GA-U client
  • Expand coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatment
  • Improve state facilitation of eligible GA-U clients to federal programs
To read the full text, go here.

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