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Monday, March 30, 2009

Every child, teenager, and adult deserves access to a high quality education that opens doors to new opportunities and prosperity. In recent years the state has made significant investments in ensuring an equitable education system in our state. These investments can be seen in early childhood education, elementary and high schools, and in our institutions of higher learning.

In the area of Education and Opportunity, the Senate budget:

Early learning
  • State pre-school program slots (Early Childhood and Assistance Program) are reduced by 2 percent where programs are co-located with Head Start, potentially achieving a no-net reduction in pre-school slots statewide by taking advantage of new federal Head Start funding.
  • Other initiatives that improve the quality of care are eliminated including referral for child care, a wage ladder for child care workers, and supports for families, parents and caregivers.

K-12 education
  • A 93 percent cut to the voter-approved program that funds school district class size reduction, extended learning, early learning, and professional development.
  • A 75 percent cut in the funds that are used to help equalize school funding across wealthier and poorer districts.
  • A reduction in instructional staff for students in grades k-4
  • A suspension in voter-approved cost of living adjustment for education professionals.
Higher education and workforce development
  • Community and technical colleges see a 9% reduction in funding which would require tuition increases of 10% without other revenue
  • Public universities see a 19% reduction in funding which would require tuition increases of 14% without other revenue

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