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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The legislative session will be wrapping up in the next two weeks and state lawmakers still have important decisions left to make on the budget. Our Executive Director Remy Trupin published an op-ed yesterday on the Seattle Times web site calling for a more inclusive approach to state budget decisions.

In the article, he writes:

"The quality of life we enjoy in Washington is directly related to the investments we have made over decades in our public systems. Our hope for the future relies on the choices state lawmakers are making today. The economic crisis at hand is very serious and will require thoughtful consideration, tough decisions and leadership. But choosing between cutting one essential investment and another is harmful at best and devastating to our economic growth at worst.

Instead we must consider all the options available to us, including finding new revenue. It's essential to protect the gains we have made in our public system and keep them functioning well, now and into the future."

To read the full op-ed, click here.

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