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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last week on schmudget we posted on how we got to an $8 billion state budget deficit, what lawmakers did to address it, and the role of federal stimulus money in shoring up the state economy.

In the next few days we will take a close look at the $6.7 billion in state budget cuts that lawmakers enacted. We will explore the state budget in each of four core value areas: Education and Opportunity, Healthy People and Environment, Thriving Communities, and Economic Security. These values make up the framework for our Progress Index report and represent a shared vision for the state.

The table below sums up the total budget cuts signed into law by the Governor last week in both the current and upcoming biennia. It also shows the federal stimulus funding used to offset the budget cuts.

Stay tuned to schmudget for more detail. First up: Education and Opportunity.

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